A recipe is only as good as its ingredients
Our products carry a guarantee of freshness & quality
Fresh, locally sourced produce

You want it, we’ve probably got it.

As wholesale distributors for a wide range of ambient and chilled products we stock everything you could wish for, from store cupboard ingredients to specialist ‘hard to find’ items. Our range includes well-known and respected brands that guarantee you quality and ensure good value for money.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or simply something that we don’t stock, then it’s our mission to source it for you using our knowledge and contacts.

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Dairy Products Dairy Products
We sell an array of fresh produce, from milk and cream to soft cheese and mayonnaise.
Cooked Meats Cooked Meats
Explore our meat counter, we have everything from old favourites like Boiled Ham and Gala Pies to the more acquired Salami, Pastrami and Black pudding.
Meat Meat
Our range of highly acclaimed fresh meats includes Bacon and Sausages and savouries of all descriptions.
Cheese Cheese
We know about cheese, we have everything from local cheddar to Halloumi and Gorgonzola. We can also cut and grate cheese to your exact specifications.
Canned Goods Canned Goods
We stock a variety of well known canned brands from beans and tomatoes to fruit and vegetables, if we don’t currently stock it, we will source it for you.
Deli Range Deli Range
Our deli range is amazing, with everything from delicious and exotic sandwich fillings to fiery chilli pesto, and the essentials like olives and sun dried tomatoes.
Condiments Condiments
If its condiments you are looking for, then look no further, our range is unsurpassed, we sell everything, and you can choose either catering packs or portion controlled packaging.
A reputation for going the extra mile... a reputation for going the extra mile...

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